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Dawn Summers
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((OOC: For teh Sam and Dawn to freakz out))

Dawn remembered waking up, her legs hanging over the edge of something. The floor was cold, stone if her fingers were right. She pushed herself up slowly. Sitting up she groaned, her head hurt.

The last thing I remember was Gabriel and the brewery. What the hell happened?

She opened her eyes to find that she was still herself. Dawn then looked around, this wasn't anywhere normal.

The large throne room was barren except for the large throne. The throne had some sort of ivory or bone along the top. Some candles on iron sconces. There were dirty cloths and material strewn about. Long wavy banner, metal by the way it had rusted, along the wall the throne was against. Some cleaner looking materials, finer than the others draped over the seat of the throne. She looked where they were sitting, looked like a huge fire pit, but there were no ashes or soot. She glanced around to find a large clock, its workings exposed, but that wasn't the weird thing. It had thirteen hours on the face.

Her blue eyes began looking over any exposed skin for a cut. She was scratch free. Good news there. she sighed. Her eyes soon found that she wasn't alone. Across the fire pit was a tall form, and was placed just like her. Dawn quickly found her balance and her feet as she moved over next to him.

"Sam? Hey, you okay?" she asked worried about him.
5th-Nov-2009 04:44 pm - Breakfast and Bed
Dawn: Default
Dawn was starving and tired, and Faith had managed to state the obvious. Bobby's concern was touching and she was sure that she looked like hell warmed over. Good thing Sam isn't seeing me now. her tired smile graced her face.

She was way to tired to drive. She was riding in the backseat as they drove to a diner in the downtown district of Golden. She knew exactly what she was getting when they got there. Waffle, especially if she was going to sleep right after that. She could burrow under the covers and drift off into dreamland. And maybe if I'm lucky there might a certain hunter there..

They arrived half a block east of Washington at the The Golden Diner. When she got out she realized that they'd only gone a block and she shook her head. Glancing down at her phone she saw that it was ten until 6am.

"No wonder I'm tired and starving." she muttered.

The place was dark, but she soon saw a light come on and a woman come to the door. She smiled and let them in. She sat them at a table and handed each of them a menu.

"You all are here early." she remarked. "What can I get you to start off with? Coffee, Juice, Milk, Tea?" she eyed them as them.

Dawn looked at the others and then took the lead. "I'll take a coffee and a waffel." she handed her menu back.

((OOC: And I hand it off to you all!))
28th-Sep-2009 08:43 pm - Finally a Bed!
Dawn: Default
After being crammed in a back seat of a car I'm more than ready to stretch! Ugh. I can only imagine what Bobby's feeling like, he's like taller than I am.

I got us checked in and we had some semi-decent digs. I just said digs! XD I'm so tried I'm cracking myself up! 8D Its kinda sad.

So I'm glad to be out of the car and in the room. We're still figuring out which one of us should take the extra room we booked. The front desk says' they'll hold it for another hour. So hopefully we can decide by then.

Oh! Faith said something about food. I forgot what that was after I've eat nothing but gummy bears for the last few hours. I'm hoping for a salad. I'm going to have to eat something uberhealthy after the gummy bear massacre. Ugh. I feel a gummy revolt coming on if I don't get something soon.

By the way Golden, Colorado is not very "Golden" so far. Its kinda dark. So I'm thinking judging by what I've seen thus far, not very fair of me.

I'm taking my phone with me, I'm heading down to the front desk for take out places that deliver. I do not want the car again so soon.
30th-Aug-2009 08:17 pm - Golden Colardo here we come!
Dawn: Default
Dawn had offered to take the first shift driving. She had opted for a radio station that played a good mix. She'd packed plastic shopping bags into the trunk so that trash wouldn't be an issue. There were four people in a rental car and that was crowed enough. No smoking in the car, unless a window was down for that person.

She'd been pleased to find out the car came with GPS turn-by-turn navigation and that Jim had been a sweetie and loaded their destination along with stops. She was in charged of finding places for them to stay, and she had one lined up half way between L.A. and Golden.

There was a Holiday Inn Express in Ceadar City, UT. She had anticipated the fact that there was no caffeine at all in Utah. She had slipped some of those coffee pod things into the trunk. Mostly for Faith, cause the girl didn't function without it.

As for rooming it would more economical if Jo could stay with her and Faith, but that wasn't fair to the blond girl. She eyed Jo for a second before she smiled and turned her attention back to the road.

"Okay, so, today we've got about six hour drive and tomorrow we have about a eight hour drive. Rooming for tonight, this is just something to think about." she eyed Bobby. "You're the exception." she looked back to Faith and Jo. "I need to know who's sharing a room, with me?" she let her brow furrow. "Faith do you want a smoking room or will you be okay sharing?" she eyed the Slayer.
29th-Aug-2009 04:46 pm - Packing for a trip?
Dawn: Hunting/Patrol
Dawn got back to Reggie's place after the meeting with Bobby, Jo, and Faith. She was kinda glad that she didn't have a lot to pack. Grabbing her Burberry rolling case she quickly emptied the dresser drawers and folded her clothes the jelly rolling them to make more room for stuff.

taking a moment she check the Blogs. She responded to Dean's entry on the Nephailim. It didn't hurt to tease Sam a bit either. Shutting the super slim laptop down, she then slipped her Mac Air into its protective sleeve and slid it into the bag.

Looking at her stuff she headed into the guest bathroom and swept all the sundrys into her makeup bag. Then looking at the false bottom she found her extra stakes, holy water, cross.

Darting back to the closet she grabbed her black AllStars, a pair of black business pumps and double checked her clothes. She had something businessy. She'd dressed this morning rather comfy, graphic t-shirt, blue jeans and she had on a pair of combat boots that reached to her knees under her jeans.

Spike had her get them steel toed. She smirked remembering him telling her why. "Nibblet, you should take advantage of everything you can, besides protects the toes." He'd winked, cigarette dangling from his lip.

Dropping the makeup bag into her luggage, after she double checked all the bottles from leaking she zippered up the Burberry case and headed for the door.
27th-Aug-2009 02:47 pm - Cause I make an Awesome Hostage!
Dawn: Default
I'm thinking that number eight is an explanation to why I was kiddnapped a lot and held hostage by all the big bads.

Better get back to packing for the case in Colorado.
20th-Aug-2009 12:53 am - This is So out of character for me...
Dawn: Default
Yep, I'm out of character, and you know what, its kinda nice. You wanna try?
15th-Aug-2009 09:47 am - Library Tour & Reaseach
Dawn: Default
((another fic entry so Dawn & Sam can tour the library)))

Dawn had been riding in the elevator with Sam. She hadn’t been quite sure what to talk about with him. She was glad when the elevators voice announced their floor.

“Eighth Floor, Phoenix Foundation Library.”

She stepped out and led the way down the corridor to the glass doors that had the acid etched logo on the doors. There was a key card which she pulled hers from her back pocket.

“Its just in case someone gets past security.” She explained. “And the elevator.” She pushed on the glass door as soon as the electronic beep sounded. “Remind me and I’ll get you a card so you come in here.”

Dawn had to be truthful, she hadn’t been in the library since Lorne and Night Shift had finished off the library. She had expected the packed boxes to still be there. Instead there were suave modern shelves from nearly floor to ceiling. Books, codices, tomes, Watcher journals and diaries lined the sleek black shelves. Her inner squee was deafening as she noted that each section was labeled at the end of the shelf.

She also was rather proud of the section behind the smoky glass on the far left. It had its own table and computer terminal. This is where the oldest books were. There was a computer touch screen just outside the glass that listed all the books in that section. The room had its own venting system, to keep the books from suffering any more damage. She had modeled it after the Vatican’s archival system.

Dawn had noted that to the far right behind bulletproof glass under retinal scanning security locks was the restricted section. Regina and herself were the only ones that currently had clearance to the restricted section.

There were some matching black wooden library tables with very comfy chairs. An entire table was nothing but computer terminals. And at the help desk was a few Kindels readers that could be taken to one of the large black leather over stuffed chairs scattered through out the library.

She smirked, now Giles would have to be impressed with this, that would be if he ever got to see it.

She spread her arms wide, “Welcome to the Library.” She grinned at Sam. "I'd like to stay but I've got to go help Reggie." she started to leave. "Have fun," she spoke. "Oh! Hang on," she darted back over. "Here's my card to get back in, bathrooms are on the other end of the hall."
12th-Aug-2009 05:21 pm - My disappearing sister...
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Okay, to tell you true I was out shopping. A disease there is no cure for. When what do I spy walking through Santee Alley, someone who looks a hell of a lot like my sister Buffy.

The funny thing is that the last time I saw the Buffybot it had been torn apart by the demon biker gang. So if my previous voice mail tag with Buffy is right, my sister not only sucks at lying, she has an EPIC FAIL at lying. And if it was you Buffy, I'd like to kick your ass! Except for the fact that you can own me on the fighting front with all that Slayer strength and powers.

Why didn't you tell me you were in town?
11th-Aug-2009 02:38 pm - Sisters Reunite
Dawn: Default
((OOC: Going Fic based for this so Buffy can get into the mix))

Dawn had gone shopping that wonderful Saturday afternoon. She had her iPhone, keys to Reggie's apartment, purse with a stake and a small knife. Heading out she left Reggie a note.

Reggie! :)

I figured that you had a long night again. To give you some peace and quite I went out shopping. Have phone and "other" essentials. Call and let me know if you need me or anything.

P.S. I barrowed your Mini. Know I should have asked, but didn't want to wake you. Call me if you need the car. I swear I'll be right back!

She headed out no where in particular at first but drifted on over to the Fashion District in hopes of scoring some haute couture shoes, bags and accessories on a realistic budget. She'd remember a certain Queen mention it. She'd Googled some places to shop and found Santee Alley was in the area. She drove on over to Olympic Boulevard and 12th Street. Pulling into one of the garages. Thus avoiding to have to run back and forth to feed the meter. According to the site this was supposed to between Santee Street and Maple Avenue.

Sliding her sunglasses down she made her way through the market doing some look shopping. Looking around at the crowd it was mostly locals, although she couldn't have been the only newbie in town to come.

Dawn had made a few purchases and was thanking the latest merchant for giving her such a good deal when she spotted a rather short blonde woman. Trying to be subtle she began to track the woman.

If this is Buffy I'm going to kick her in the shin.

Dawn spead past her and stopped ahead to see if she was right. Carefully keeping her face forward she glanced as the woman kept walking. Blonde hair, same staure. She couldn't be sure about the eyes, as they were hidden by sunglasses. She truend to watch the woman walk on by her and kept going.

"Buffy!" she smirked shouting to see if her sister turned.
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