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Dawn Summers
The bigger little sister
Library Tour & Reaseach 
15th-Aug-2009 09:47 am
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((another fic entry so Dawn & Sam can tour the library)))

Dawn had been riding in the elevator with Sam. She hadn’t been quite sure what to talk about with him. She was glad when the elevators voice announced their floor.

“Eighth Floor, Phoenix Foundation Library.”

She stepped out and led the way down the corridor to the glass doors that had the acid etched logo on the doors. There was a key card which she pulled hers from her back pocket.

“Its just in case someone gets past security.” She explained. “And the elevator.” She pushed on the glass door as soon as the electronic beep sounded. “Remind me and I’ll get you a card so you come in here.”

Dawn had to be truthful, she hadn’t been in the library since Lorne and Night Shift had finished off the library. She had expected the packed boxes to still be there. Instead there were suave modern shelves from nearly floor to ceiling. Books, codices, tomes, Watcher journals and diaries lined the sleek black shelves. Her inner squee was deafening as she noted that each section was labeled at the end of the shelf.

She also was rather proud of the section behind the smoky glass on the far left. It had its own table and computer terminal. This is where the oldest books were. There was a computer touch screen just outside the glass that listed all the books in that section. The room had its own venting system, to keep the books from suffering any more damage. She had modeled it after the Vatican’s archival system.

Dawn had noted that to the far right behind bulletproof glass under retinal scanning security locks was the restricted section. Regina and herself were the only ones that currently had clearance to the restricted section.

There were some matching black wooden library tables with very comfy chairs. An entire table was nothing but computer terminals. And at the help desk was a few Kindels readers that could be taken to one of the large black leather over stuffed chairs scattered through out the library.

She smirked, now Giles would have to be impressed with this, that would be if he ever got to see it.

She spread her arms wide, “Welcome to the Library.” She grinned at Sam. "I'd like to stay but I've got to go help Reggie." she started to leave. "Have fun," she spoke. "Oh! Hang on," she darted back over. "Here's my card to get back in, bathrooms are on the other end of the hall."
15th-Aug-2009 11:39 pm (UTC)
And continues on Sam's LJ here.
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