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Dawn Summers
The bigger little sister
Breakfast and Bed 
5th-Nov-2009 04:44 pm
Dawn: Default
Dawn was starving and tired, and Faith had managed to state the obvious. Bobby's concern was touching and she was sure that she looked like hell warmed over. Good thing Sam isn't seeing me now. her tired smile graced her face.

She was way to tired to drive. She was riding in the backseat as they drove to a diner in the downtown district of Golden. She knew exactly what she was getting when they got there. Waffle, especially if she was going to sleep right after that. She could burrow under the covers and drift off into dreamland. And maybe if I'm lucky there might a certain hunter there..

They arrived half a block east of Washington at the The Golden Diner. When she got out she realized that they'd only gone a block and she shook her head. Glancing down at her phone she saw that it was ten until 6am.

"No wonder I'm tired and starving." she muttered.

The place was dark, but she soon saw a light come on and a woman come to the door. She smiled and let them in. She sat them at a table and handed each of them a menu.

"You all are here early." she remarked. "What can I get you to start off with? Coffee, Juice, Milk, Tea?" she eyed them as them.

Dawn looked at the others and then took the lead. "I'll take a coffee and a waffel." she handed her menu back.

((OOC: And I hand it off to you all!))
17th-Dec-2009 07:31 pm (UTC) - Re: After Breakfast:
She was just pulling her shirt on as Dawn came back into the room. She eyed the younger woman.

"So D, what's up?" she grinned. "Look like you have some news."

Dawn nodded. "We've got reinforcements coming."

Faith quirked a brow. "Oh do we?"

'Yep. Buffy and the gang are coming."

Great. Buffy was coming. Little Miss Perfect. She nearly cringed but knew Dawn was watching her. "Great. We can see how well we all work together." she smirked.
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