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Dawn Summers
The bigger little sister
Wondering about polar bears, the Others and how to get home. 
21st-Jan-2010 05:36 pm
Dawn: Default
((OOC: For teh Sam and Dawn to freakz out))

Dawn remembered waking up, her legs hanging over the edge of something. The floor was cold, stone if her fingers were right. She pushed herself up slowly. Sitting up she groaned, her head hurt.

The last thing I remember was Gabriel and the brewery. What the hell happened?

She opened her eyes to find that she was still herself. Dawn then looked around, this wasn't anywhere normal.

The large throne room was barren except for the large throne. The throne had some sort of ivory or bone along the top. Some candles on iron sconces. There were dirty cloths and material strewn about. Long wavy banner, metal by the way it had rusted, along the wall the throne was against. Some cleaner looking materials, finer than the others draped over the seat of the throne. She looked where they were sitting, looked like a huge fire pit, but there were no ashes or soot. She glanced around to find a large clock, its workings exposed, but that wasn't the weird thing. It had thirteen hours on the face.

Her blue eyes began looking over any exposed skin for a cut. She was scratch free. Good news there. she sighed. Her eyes soon found that she wasn't alone. Across the fire pit was a tall form, and was placed just like her. Dawn quickly found her balance and her feet as she moved over next to him.

"Sam? Hey, you okay?" she asked worried about him.
26th-Jan-2010 02:29 am (UTC)
"I know right." she mentally flailed. "Um according to the clock we've been here," she stared at the clock for a moment, "just about a hour. I think." she spoke walking toward the corridor that lead to the throne room. "Seeing as its one way in and one way out," she peeked down the dimly light corridor. "This way."

Okay she was totally happy to have some alone time with Sam. Not how she wanted to have that time ideally, but she would try to make the best use of the opportunity. No Buffy or Dean do give them a hard time.

As they walked down the hall way there on the walls were more wrought iron sconces with large pillar candles. She began looking for anything that might give her a clue, art, sculpture anything. So far just more sconces and candles.

Up a head she could see a niche, some thing was in the freeze. It looked short and stocky. She looked at the squat figure and the awful look on its face. It remind her of that huge carved gnome she saw at Epcot that once.

"So Norse." she spoke thinking out loud. "Gnomes and dwarves all come from Nordic mythology." she spoke looking at its pointy ears. "Though elves have pointy ears." she drew closer to the niche. "maybe a goblin?" she asked no on in particular lost in her thoughts.
27th-Jan-2010 04:31 am (UTC)
Sam peered at the statue and wrinkled his nose. "That can't be Norse. We'd have to be a lot colder, too. Maybe it's a goblin."

The goblin blinked at them, scowling.

"Holy shit," Sam hissed. "Was that--?"
27th-Jan-2010 04:31 am (UTC)
oh, look who was paying attention. O_o not me.
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