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Dawn Summers
The bigger little sister
Packing for a trip? 
29th-Aug-2009 04:46 pm
Dawn: Hunting/Patrol
Dawn got back to Reggie's place after the meeting with Bobby, Jo, and Faith. She was kinda glad that she didn't have a lot to pack. Grabbing her Burberry rolling case she quickly emptied the dresser drawers and folded her clothes the jelly rolling them to make more room for stuff.

taking a moment she check the Blogs. She responded to Dean's entry on the Nephailim. It didn't hurt to tease Sam a bit either. Shutting the super slim laptop down, she then slipped her Mac Air into its protective sleeve and slid it into the bag.

Looking at her stuff she headed into the guest bathroom and swept all the sundrys into her makeup bag. Then looking at the false bottom she found her extra stakes, holy water, cross.

Darting back to the closet she grabbed her black AllStars, a pair of black business pumps and double checked her clothes. She had something businessy. She'd dressed this morning rather comfy, graphic t-shirt, blue jeans and she had on a pair of combat boots that reached to her knees under her jeans.

Spike had her get them steel toed. She smirked remembering him telling her why. "Nibblet, you should take advantage of everything you can, besides protects the toes." He'd winked, cigarette dangling from his lip.

Dropping the makeup bag into her luggage, after she double checked all the bottles from leaking she zippered up the Burberry case and headed for the door.
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