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Dawn Summers
The bigger little sister
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1st-Aug-2009 07:59 pm - Buffy Called
Dawn: Default
You would think as often as I call to check in with her she could return the favor. Nope, she calls to tell me that she's got something else. The fun is that she won't tell me what it is. Which makes me think that she's protecting me from something, that I don't like.

If she wants me to know she'll tell me. Then again she may not say a damned thing to me about it. I love my sister. Then there are the times like now that I want to kick her ass. Not that I could, she would own me. Still doesn't do anything for my anger.

Ugh. Back to the office. Reggie was up and moving before I'd expected. She had like a smoothie and she was moving, not talking. Which from her past tales is not good a good sign. Happy Reggie maybe gone for a while.

Oh boy, front door, shit! See ya!
31st-Jul-2009 11:21 pm - About Damned time!
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Reggie's calling the meeting. Well to be honest I think Dean did, Reggie just kinda spaced. I'm hoping its cause she's had a really long day. She's had a lot of those lately. We really need someone to take on the night case manager job. I think Lorne's doing it until he can figure out what else to do.

It was good to see Faith and for her to meet the guys. She totally checked Dean out. I'm so hoping that they get together. Faith has good taste. ;D

Buffy hasn't show and I'm getting worried. I may call Giles and see what he's found out or what's keeping her. Maybe I should call Angel too. Its not like him to check in. Willow's busy being all superwitchy, said something about grounding herself or something.

Lorne & Night Research Team: You guys rock! Thank you all soooo much for the hard work. That means that I might be able to get started in helping Reggie out with some research.

I think its going to have to wait until the meeting tomorrow. I'm off to bed, I was going to get caught up on Gossip Girl on the Tivo...but its going to have to wait.
30th-Jul-2009 02:59 pm - She's here!
Dawn: Default
Have I mentioned that Faith being here is completely awesome? Okay I have now! I have missed her so much. Her doing the freelance slayage is cool for her. I hope its been working out for her. She hasn't said much about it. Come to think about it that might not be a good thing.

Between her and Xander being here I'm starting to feel at home. Reggie says that Spike's coming too. I'm just wondering when he gets here if Dean's going to take a swing at him too. Drama! Mike's a nice guy, he's a souled vampire. Its not his fault he's a vampire. He choose to get his soul back. Some witch in Brentwood helped him out. That is all he'd tell me.

Sam seems nice. Its a bonus he's cute. Any guy who waves at me with that much drama and possible violence going on can be all bad. And Buffy, you are allowed your opinion, but keep it to yourself.

Right off to the conference room!
27th-Jul-2009 03:46 pm - My Mission...lunch!
Dawn: Default
Okay so after being here nearly a week and helping the research division get settled in. Um crazy people argueing over wanting to organize by subject and not author, another by date, I said "Helllooo, lets do all three." I was then looked at like I was the crazy. Whatever.

I'm on my lunch at almost one p.m. Ugh! I'm starving and I'm looking forward to eating some good food I've been missing since leaving California. I stopped at Mori Sushi (Its in Brentwood by the way) and had the kohada, needlefish, and the barracuda. I'm bringing what's left back to Reggie as she said she didn't care what I got. Its nice to finally have some good Sushi. Not that I'm knocking Clevelands' fair of Nihon, but damn it was awesome!

I'm stuffed and in need of a nap, no rest for the office liaison. My job when I get back is to see how Reggie's doing, I'm hoping that she's not been sitting in her damned office all this time. If she's not got much else, I'm thinking of sticking around and seeing if the Night Shift needs a hand.

Reggie had that look this morning, it was after she checked her voice mail. That look that said I'm gone off to Watcher Research La-La-Land and I'm not coming back until I'm armed with the 411. Geeze, now I know why Buffy rolls her eyes at me sometimes. She had to put up with Giles, Wes and now me and then Reggie too.

Oh, I'm back already see what posting on my iPhone gets me...Later!
24th-Jul-2009 10:56 pm - Well this is a good sign.
Dawn: Default
Regina's here, at her apartment and not at the office.

She looks happier. I haven't run into Xander yet but Regina said he might be taking off after the Dean and Sam guys get here. I broke down and bought Chinese. I remembered what Reggie likes. She seems more relaxed.

Here's hoping that tomorrow is better.
23rd-Jul-2009 12:48 pm - Busy helping Reggie
Dawn: Default
So Since Reggie has so much to do I thought that I'd help her out. She hasn't been home for three nights. This can't be good for her. But she needs like a full time assistant, which I'm hoping that she gets.

Reggie told me this morning she may have me got do some field work. The Dean guy and his brother Sam were thinking the case in Florida would be a quick and dirty. Not as much its gotten more complicated. She's having to push back the orientation for everyone.

Xander's here! I'll be glad to see him. And Reggie thinks that Spike might be here by Friday. So I'll have my favorite guys here to keep an eye on me. I haven't seen Spike since he's been solid.

Hope the rest of the Gang is fine. Wish you all were here in the lovely California sun!
22nd-Jul-2009 06:03 pm - Okay so Buffy doesn't freak out. . .
Dawn: Default
I got here in one piece. I'm staying at Reggie's place, cause getting a hotel room just kinda seemed silly. I'm Reg's first flat guest. I'm okay other than keep Reggie level headed cause she can worry about the smallest thing. She's freaked out about this assignment. I mean I can't blame her, its a huge responsibility. But Giles wouldn't have given it to her if she couldn't handle it right? I'm glad I'm not in her shoes yet.

This Foundation thing might be a good idea. I'm not sure that Reggie's ready to take credit for the idea. She just remarked about how lucky we (read: Scoobies & Fang Gang) are that we can rely on each other. You know you kinda have to be careful around us, between Giles, Willow and myself, a good idea is dangerous in our hands.

Buffy: If you had a reason for sending me out here before the rest of the gang then you'd better fess up. [ie. keeping me away from the big bads]The only reason I ask is Reggie's worried the the night guard is asking way to many questions about me. Proof that she's been around us all a bit too long.

I'm here if anyone would like to call me, I can't watch anymore movies or DVDs.
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