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The bigger little sister

26 September
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[Dawn Summers]

"The hardest thing in this world, is to live in it. " - Dawn Summers

[Personal History]

Age: 23 | Race: Human | Job: Watcher, Head Librarian of Phoenix Foundation

Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Dawn is the little sister of notable Vampire Slayer Buffy Summers. She is a young woman who has had a interesting and complex past. Some of which she hasn't shared with everyone she has association with. Dawn will confide her "beginnings" in those that she feels that she can trust. A group of monks left Dawn with Buffy to protect her from a Hell God by the name of Glory. Dawn is eventually captured by Glory who believes that Dawn's blood can open alternate dimensional barriers. Buffy sacrifices her own life, thus by ending the apocalypse and saving Dawn. She does have abandonment issues and has acted out by self-harm, kleptomania, and running away. These took place over a few years after loosing her mother Joyce Summers to a brain aneurysm and then the death her sister.

Dawn keeps close ties with her sister's firends that are known as "The Scoobie Gang". Dawn is viewed by many of them like a younger sibling. Rupert Giles has treated her like she were his own daughter since Hank Summers has shown no interest in being a father figure to Buffy or Dawn. She has graduated as a Watcher under Giles's tutelage. She also has learned quite a bit about witchcraft from Willow Rosenburg who she looks up to. Dawn has been known in times of trouble to seek out the help of William the Bloody/Spike. Her sister has left Dawn, when she was younger in the care of the vampire many times. Spike affectionately calls her "Nibblet". Dawn when she was younger had crushes on both Spike and Xander, she has outgrown her "crush" on them.

She has proven herself in a fight after helping Buffy battle demons and has become a grown-up & fully fledged member of the Scoobies. And manages to do it again when she kills 4 Ubervamps/Turok_Han saving Xander Harris. It is while she is living with the Scoobies in Cleveland and meeting and befriending Regina Crane. It is here that she has the involvement with the beginnings of the Phoenix Foundation has been since its inception. She has become good friends with Regina Crane and they have been at the forefront of the Foundation. Dawn has taken the position of Head Librarian with the Foundation until a time that Rupert Giles steps in.

Anything else we should really know about your character: She's a Libra.

[Tools of the Trade]

Dawn owns an Apple laptop, iPod Touch. She usually has a purse on her, inside you will find a plastic bottle of holy water, a cross, wooden stake. Dawn does drive, but does not own a car.

[Special Skills]

She has killed 4 Ubervamps, preformed a solo exorcism, minor witchcraft, vampire hunting, handle a sword, melee combat, has an affinity for languages especially Sumerian and Turkish along with a few others.

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